Announcing Play YA!

We have something shiny that we are super excited to share with you! We’re announcing a (possibly) quarterly new series, Play YA, where we turn our favorite YA novels into tabletop RPG campaigns – and then play them! We’ll be releasing the series via our Gumroad page, as a pay-what-you-want virtual tip jar. If you are willing/able to send some funds our way, we’d be ever so grateful!

We’re kicking the series off with a book that we’re all very familiar with, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes’ Midnight Predator! Let’s play some YA!

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Play YA Episode 1: Midnight Predator


  • RobotLurker

    March 30, 2017

    unfortunately i’m broke as dirt, but holy CRAP that was hilarious?? the goddamn épée… i was dying of laughter!
    i thought this was really super fun, even though i’ve never read this book and i didn’t know anything about it. it was a super fun adventure! i loved it, i would LOVE to hear more, i might even go fishing in my couch so i can throw something your way because of how much joy you all bring me ♥
    and since you asked for suggestions… the couple that came immediately to mind were the hunger games and then alice in wonderland, but it’s 2am and my mind is probably not to be trusted ^.~
    ANYWAY i’m super horrible at commenting because i get so shy and i don’t know what to say but i love love LOVE all your episodes and all you do and this was just brilliant and you’re all the best ♥♥♥

    • Ollie

      March 30, 2017

      dawwww <3 <3 <3 Thank you, RobotLurker, for checking out the Play YA pilot! I am so unbelievably happy that you enjoyed it! Like, we recorded it and had fun and then Cyna was like "it's funny!!" when she was editing. I laugh at and with us, but having outside confirmation that it was just as silly as we thought? So good. :3

      Oh my GOSH. Alice in Wonderland would pretty ridiculous. I have read SPLINTERED, and think it would be amazing to send Cyna and Robin through that one. :3

      Hunger Games would be interesting! Especially since the dice can screeeeew over a player. XD Books where high chance of MC death sound great. haha

      Anyway, thank you for commenting. It means a lot to us! And since you are such a shy visitor, that you took the time to step out and let us know what you think is even more awesome. 🙂 Here's looking forward to the next Play YA session!

  • Ollie

    April 4, 2017

    This and the MoCho roundtable might be my favorite things we’ve done in a long time. XD Cyna, you need to prep the next one soooooon.


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