Episode 53 – Roundtable Book Review: Moon Chosen by PC Cast

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains discussion of rape, misogyny, and racism.

Boy, do we have a treat for you guys this week, in both the ironic and genuine sense!

First, the bad news – we’re FINALLY talking about PC Cast’s latest New York Times bestselling travesty, and it is just as bad, if not worse, than you might expect (spoilers: there’s literal blackface).

The good news? We’ve got company! Sparky (aka Paul) from Fangs for the Fantasy, Paige from The YA Kitten, and our good friend Maverynthia of Blue-5tyle.com (as well as our previous “Mary Sue” episode) have read this atrocity too, and they’re here to join us for some communal PC Cast-related talk therapy.

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Theme music is Overnight, by Aya.

WARNING: NSFW! Mature audiences only! Contains salty language, subversive ideas, industry-challenging discussions, and nuts.


  • Merriska

    December 21, 2016

    I won’t have time to watch this until the weekend. I’ll be back to comment on this XD

    • Ollie

      December 24, 2016

      I feel like there’s a “there’s a monster at the end of your weekend!” joke in here somewhere and I’m just not finding a way. So I’ll just say: this book is a monster. I hope you enjoy the podcast. I hope your weekend is NOT filled with monsters. <3

      • Merriska

        December 30, 2016

        A full weekend later I finally have time to sit down and watch this lol. I’m purely here to rage at random moments of awfulness and not write critically though so it won’t be very eloquent.

        I’m sad Cast named the main character Mari because I like the LPer with that name and now it’s tainted.

        “Basic human compassion” omg.

        Team Evil People FTW. But specifically whatever evil people weren’t torturing animals.


        Wtf is with these horrible main characters calling their mothers plain? Bella Swan did this too.

        Holy white people problems.

        I lost track of which people turn into rapey monsters, was that the people that are clearly supposed to be black people? That’s so crazy racist.

        “It’s just genetic” LOL.

        I love Paul. Paul is an amazing man. Paul is love, Paul is life.

        PC thinking she’s an amazing ally with Damien/Jack </3

        Sora= new Aphrodite?


        Wtf is with Cast and horrible poetry?

        "Native American rapey angel" That sums it up so well.


        "Hello here are mah gays" my goodness.

        This was both horrifying and hilarious at the same time, I feel like I have to spread the word whenever this book comes up that it should be avoided like the plague.

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  • Stevie McCoy

    March 22, 2017

    Love your Podcast. Just wanted to specify that recessive genes mean that you need the recessive gene from both parents. However, a person with dark hair can still give a recessive blonde hair gene to their children as long as someone in their genetic history has had blonde hair. It was enjoyable listening to you. Thank you for all of your honest thoughts!

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  • FuriousNJ

    November 6, 2017

    Loved the podcast, one of my favs, but have you guys seen this?


    It has a sequel


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