Episode 51 – Judge a Book by Its Cover November 2016

It’s our annual NaNoWriMo break here at Papercuts Podcast, but that doesn’t mean we’re leaving you empty-handed! We phoned in from the ~distant past~ to give our thoughts on six of November’s hottest YA new releases.

We will be skipping the mid-month episode though. There’s only so much we could do. But we’ll be back in December for more JABBIC and the Moon Bound roundtable! PREPARE THINESELF.

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  • Maverynthia

    November 3, 2016

    Gives a new meaning to the term “Butterfly knife”
    Sidonia as in “Knights of Sidonia”?
    It’s one of those stylized Japanese art for a spirit for Fate of Flames.

    When did it become popular to name your characters after a female horse?

    I don’t see the inkblot cover for My Sister Rosa, I see the butterfly/moth with flower petals for wings and the two black dripping paint blobs or the one with the hands and the bird. .- . Or do you mean the Petalfly?

    Well looking at the Heartless cover I don’t feel so bad about my book cover which is just a photo with a filter over it ._ .

    “The stirring relationship between a queen ❤ who want to bake and a bread ? who sweeps her off her feet.” She want a breadfriend.
    Also there’s a heart on the crown in the “final” cover on Goodreads which adds to that cover WTFery, cuz I see that even OTHER covers don’t have the heart.

    I don wanna read Moon Cast… or whatever it was D: D:

    • Ollie

      November 3, 2016

      The first one you mention is the one that is very inkblot-like to us for My Sister Rosa.

      XD XD XD “Breadfriend”.

      Friend. Friend! Let me tell you. I’m like 5/6th through Moon Moon and *I* dont want to read it. >.< Racism. Sexism. Misogyny. Internalized misogyny. Natives thought of by those of white fucking privilege to be "savage" and "childlike" and "need us" soooooo uuuuugh and squick and uuuugh.

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