Episode 49 – Judge a Book by Its Cover – Halloween 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Papercuts celebrates the start of the Halloween season with a very special #JABBIC. One of these spooky YA titles will be the subject of our next podcast – BUT WHICH WILL IT BE?

Also in this episode, we chat about our favorite Halloween movies, Ollie reveals the secret behind Robin’s uncanny cover-judging ability, and good ol’ Bobert Stine makes a cameo appearance! #GoingEasyonBob

Plus, we discuss our plans for the podcast during the tumultuous holiday season! What six-hundred-page pile of misery awaits? Find out in this episode of Papercuts Podcast!

*Note – we did once again have some issues with Robin’s audio, which is why the quality dips a bit towards the end. Sorry! We are actively working on fixing this. Also, Robin’s missing books from last month are totally on the way!

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  • Maverynthia

    October 5, 2016

    Day Baker VS Night Baker?
    “We hung these in the trees” What is more awesome is if you forgot one and now people are like “WHY IS THIS HERE!!”
    Oh that’s Spanish Moss. You see that a lot in Florida/Georgia around there. It’s sometimes really pretty aaand sometimes really spoopy.

    Dinna Fear like “I didn’t fear” only with a Scottish accent?

    So it was Pike that was the cooler horror writer?
    Why would you waste good library money on that book D:!


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