Episode 43 – At The End of Our Trope: The Exceptional Woman

For the first time in nearly three years, Robin, Ollie, and I find ourselves At the End of Our Trope! What is the Exceptional Woman? Why is she so goddamned exasperating? Find out in this week’s episode of Papercuts Podcast!

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  • draconismoi

    August 13, 2016

    Oh the internalized misogyny of how Game of Thrones fans react to the ladies.

    Stark Kid In Danger of Being Killed dresses in drag and learns to kill people. Fans: SHES THE BEST.

    Stark Kid In Danger of Being Killed sews pretty dresses and learns to play politics. Fans: SHES THE WORST.

    But it’s not just the Arya v Sansa reaction. Have you looked at the difference between how the show portrays Cersei and Danaerys? They are both blonde ladies from rich families who think they should be The One True Queen To Rule Them All despite ample evidence they both suck at actual governance. The only thing either of them are good at is killing their enemies. Yet there is a definite evil whore vs noble savior dichotomy between them.

    (Prior to the end of the last season I wanted Margary and Sansa to get married and rule. They would be the power couple to watch out for.)

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