Episode 42 – Judge a Book by Its Cover – June 2016

Another batch of YA new release covers to talk about! We got a little fantasy, a little mystery, a little thriller, and a whole lotta what the fuck is this thing I’m looking at?

Plus, noted Friend of the Podcast RL Stine* stops by for a chat!

You’re not gonna wanna miss this one, trust me.

*Not actually RL Stine

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  • Maverynthia

    June 16, 2016

    Don’t worry I don’t like Neil Gaiman either. :3
    Also Falling Kingdoms was as…. bland as a semi-fantasy trying to go for GoT and being stale can be.
    Spirits and Thieves is on my list as it was shown next to Red Queen.
    “BOTH OF THEM!” D:! And I was just about to enter the Giveaway.
    Suddenly books show up at my doorstep.

    The Malice slowly rises from around the corner to stare at you. You bury them in the backyard. You think you are safe. Then you hear.. book… steps coming down the hall in the middle of the night.

    Yeah why isn’t Robin winning some of these? Is it that if you participate in the podcast you can’t win?

    Plot Twist, Simone tried to kill Jill but instead killed herself. 😀 I’m calling it now.

    Sea Spell NAIL POLISH! Because we needed more!

    • Olivia


      June 16, 2016

      XD XD XD omfg that nail polish would be gorgeous though.

      And yes, Robin can’t win because Robin is part of the podcast. ARCs are for tormenting listeners only >.> I’ll be sending your June win out tomorrow, soon as I find this other book I’m mailing. 🙂

      Geez, that’d be a weird way to plot twist. But I think you’re on to something there. So that the protagonist never ever ever looks like she’s a bad person, just have the VICTIM be the one who is bad! That works, right? …right?

      hahaha anthropomorphized books crawling up out of the ground where they are buried, coming for you, Mav!

      Legit, Cyna messaged me being like “Do you REALLY want me to cut that bit about Gaiman out? ….it’s fuuuunny!” XD Glad I am not alone. I just can’t get into his stuff. I have so many friends who love his work, but he’s just not for me overall.

  • RobotLurker

    June 16, 2016

    Aw I’m so late to the party because my internet was being weird and not loading the site (it was on my end! don’t worry.) I really love the JABBIC episodes but I never have anything to add.

    RL Stine kind of sounds like one of Daria’s sister’s friends from the Daria cartoon. A+!

    I tweeted my iTunes review last episode at YAPapercuts! I wasn’t sure if anyone saw it though. Can I link stuff in comments? IF I CAN:
    IF I CAN’T that would be awkward. 😀

    (Also I uh, agree about not liking Neil Gaiman. My friend told me to read one of his books and I reported back “I would’ve liked that book if he hadn’t written it.” Whoops.)

    • Olivia


      June 16, 2016

      omgosh! i know who you are talking about! Like, as I read that I laughed and started talking in her voice. She was one of Quinn’s friends. Let me look her up quick.

      Okay here! Sandi!


      Also, I just read your iTunes review and ;_______; <3 <3 <3 Thank you for you taking time to do that, and I'm all weepy now because I'm really glad you enjoy the podcast. ::hugs::

      (Hooray! Not alone on not liking Gaiman! That's two for two on listeners lol.)

    • Olivia


      June 16, 2016

      also, are you in Australia?

      • RobotLurker

        June 17, 2016

        Yeah! Sandi! I’m really terrible with names, haha.


        Aw, shucks. ;-; I really do enjoy the podcast! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST PLEASE ALWAYS KEEP BEING THE BEST. I’m really happy that there are more episodes this year too 🙂 I’m all “yay some of my favourite internet people are around EVEN MOOOORE.” But I didn’t mean to make you happy-sad about it, haha. <3 <3

        And yeah, I'm in the land of the burning sun, Australia.

        (I tried to read Gaiman again because everyone was jizzing their pants over a short story he wrote but it was very lackluster to me. I just don't understand the popularity of some authors! Like, what are people seeing that I'm not?! AM I JUST INTERROGATING THE TEXT FROM THE WRONG PERSPECTIVE?! (aw yeah, sick Anne Rice/fandomwank reference, me *coughs* :D))

        • Olivia


          June 21, 2016

          omfg, anne rice XD cyna shared a podcast with robin and i the other day, where the guys read through that old anne rice letter lol

          some day i’ll figure out how to ship things to australia for NOT $60 >.< we're gonna be doing a trope talk next!! i hope you like it! it's been a long while.... (also, yeah, i dont remember that cat in microwave mini-episode either. horrified! XD poor thing.)

          • RobotLurker

            June 22, 2016

            Ooh, I don’t suppose you remember what podcast it was? I’m intrigued.

            I got curious enough to have a look at shipping too and WHAT THE FUCK DUDE SERIOUSLY, WHAT ARE THESE PRICES?!

            I mean I know Australia is STUPID EXPENSIVE (do you know how much a new PC/Xbox/PSx game is? ~120 dollars. Even games on Steam/etc are jerked up a good 10-30 dollars for no reason. CASE IN POINT: Overwatch. 70 AUD (which is 50USD) for the basic (digital) edition, which is 40 USD for Americans. UGH WHY I don’t get it. If I have to buy (physical) games I get them from a site in the UK that doesn’t even CHARGE for shipping, and when the option came up for registered mail it was like… 3 dollars. From the UK. Which is further away. Than America. LA is only ~13 hours direct flight from Sydney! ~.~

            .. Whew, sorry, I got a little ragey. *cough* But you know… I do have a friend in America… 😀

            (Actually I looked into it more and I think it’s because… there is no “sea” option anymore… There used to be the option for sea-mail or slow airmail and it would be cheap (maybe 5-15 dollars?) but it would take 3-6 weeks and not be registered, etc. And I guess there’s no sea mail anymore… But I dug around more and I found the cheap, un-tracked/registered airmail option! The USPS “First-Class Package International Service” which is “From $9.50 at the Post Office” but I guess it depends on weight/etc… (I put in a guesstimate and got ~22 dollars which is less ridiculous than 60 but still ridiculous) SO ABOUT THAT FRIEND I HAVE IN AMERICA… :D) (Actually, I’d feel guilty taking Maverynthia’s free books away from her! I only looked because I had to satisfy my own curiosity and I like to share knowledge! Instead of knowing shipping to Aus. costs an arm and a leg, now you can know it only costs an arm! 😀 :D)

            Ooh! I’ll look forward to the new episode. I mean. I always do. But now I’ll look forward to it MORE. 😀


        • Cyna


          July 19, 2016

          Sorry for the late reply, Robot. It was this podcast: https://thefpl.us/episode/213

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