Episode 40 – Judge a Book by Its Cover – May 2016

Guys!!! Robin’s back, all settled in a fancy new city with her elaborately vindictive jerk cats. Oh, and also just in time to help us judge out next batch of new-release covers! And boy, do we have some gems for you.

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Extra Goodies
Maverynthia’s review of Into the Dim
– We found the photographer responsible for the May Queen Murder’s cover. Here is a link to his Facebook page. When asked about prints and prices he replied, and I quote “I will soon sell prints, and provide all information on my FB side.” FINGERS CROSSED!

Books Discussed


  • Maverynthia

    May 24, 2016

    I wouldn’t mind reading the May Queen Murders myself though the cover would turn me off completely.
    Yeah the Outliers to me was “I must save my friend by going to Maine”
    Then the revised one:
    OK I have to read this now!
    (It’s also the only book I could “find”)

    Also for The Hunt, the “cyber bullshit” is “circuitry runs and traces” so “circuitry bullshit”
    I… I have to read this…. it has espers in it….. even if it is a pile of steaming shit….
    Oh goodie I “found” it.

    Save me! (Though they aren’t exactly unwanted. I just subject my aging mother to them when I’m done with them. DO you want to subject an old person to the power of YA ARCs? You can change this!)

    • Cyna


      May 28, 2016

      Whaaaaat? Why don’t you like the cover? DDDDD:

      Hahaha, well I’m glad it worked for somebody. We all have our “ooh shiny” hooks. Let us know if it’s any good!

      UGHH I’M SO EMBARRASSED I TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE REALIZED THAT. DUH. But please, Mav, don’t subject yourself to that! Don’t the aliens and experiments and whatever-the-fuck counteract the espers??? Though I guess if Ollie can find the ARC, we can always have her pass it along xD

      • Maverynthia

        May 29, 2016

        I mean I can always bail out if it get too banal and inane. Though it might be one of those trainwreck books that I just can’t stop reading, JUST too see how worse it gets.

        OH Question! Where do you get your selection of books from that you JABBIC? Jabbic is now a verb.


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