Episode 34 – Judge a Book by Its Cover (February 2016)

It’s time for our first-but-soon-monthly installment of Judge a Book by Its Cover! We ah, really hope you guys like listening to these as much as we like recording them! xD

In this installment, Ollie gets angry at pink bubblegum, Robin judges some books by their titles, Cyna is defeated by enmity, and everyone is perplexed by indentured servitude to quarterbacks. Oh, yeah, and Ollie will edit your 18-paragraph long blurbs for five bucks! No, seriously, hire her!

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What are your guys’ feels? Anyone interested in the 18,000th fairytale retelling? Diggin’ that ghost horse? Let us know in the comments, or tweet at us @YAPapercuts using the #JABBIC hastag!

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Books Discussed


  • Maverynthia

    February 23, 2016

    Reading a review on “Assassin’s Heart” it’s pretty bad. The MC seems to need saving by a man (the man?) every five seconds. Like she eats poison at some point. Expert Assassin indeed :/ (Also it’s a hardcore romance it seems :/)

    As for “Shadow Queen” I guess they added the bit about the dragon for the people that are “There’s a DRAGON in this! READ!”

    Starflight… published by DISNEY-HYPERION =_____ = It’s a Disney novel. Why can’t anyone write a Captain Harlock romance novel…

    “Riders” Wow you talk at length about that cover XD. I’d have dropped it at “US Army Ranger” but yeah, that book sounds terribs.

    Also where’s the link the Fiverr page?
    Oh the sequel to Red Queen (Glass Sword) is out 😀 I bet that going to be “fun”.

    • Ollie

      February 24, 2016

      Fiverr link! 😀


      Oh gods… >.< Are you planning to read Glass Sword? You HAVE TO tell us how miserable it is.

      Also! Thank you for the twitter image link to your podcast review on iTunes! You are participant #1! I'm gonna be mega amused if every month it's just "Oh hey, look, Mav gets another ARC." LOL

      • Maverynthia

        March 7, 2016

        Yes, I will (eventually) read the books and see if they continue the pain train that the first book is 😀

        X3 “I get another ARC!” Until there’s a second person who becomes my rival and then it’s just a coin toss. XD

  • Jason

    February 24, 2016

    Yay for soon-to-be-monthly installments of JABBIC! Just wanted to point out that, at least according to wikipedia, Conquest was the original first rider of the apocalypse, who was then slowly edged out by Pestilence in popular culture, probably because it was an easier concept for non-book-of-revelations-literate folk to grasp. I was actually pretty excited to hear that a book using the horsemen of the apocalypse actually decided to use Conquest as so few people know about them, but then there was everything else about the book so I don’t think that one element is quite enough for me to want to pick it up haha. Love the show and super excited for regular book-cover-judging in the future!

    • Cyna


      February 25, 2016

      x333 Yeah, as I was editing the cast, I vaguely remembered being confused at one point by the presence of both Conquest and War as Horsemen, went and looked it up on wiki and YEP, that was totally a thing. Oh, to catch your stupid moments on tape and release them to the world~

      That being said, even having skimmed the wiki page I still don’t quite get the Conquest/War thing. Ah, well. You should totally pick that Riders shit up though, let us know how it turns out >:D

      But yay, we’re glad that someone, at least, is as excited for monthly JABBICs as we are! Thanks for listening<3

  • Linn - Books and Knitting

    March 21, 2016

    I loved this episode! It’s the first one I’ve listened to of your podcast and I just need to listen to more of your episodes. I love discussing covers and I really enjoyed it!

    • Olivia


      March 21, 2016

      Thanks for listening, Linn! And for leaving a message!! I hope you enjoy our other JABBIC episodes–they are going up mid-month every month from now on (barring any unforeseen Ollie-freak-outs that delay things lol)

      Welcome to the podcast!


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