Red Queen Read-Along: Week 1 Discussion

It’s time! Join us tonight for our livestream discussion of chapters one through ten of Victoria Aveyard’s masterpiece, probably, Red Queen. Hangouts page is here – Red Queen Discussion: Week One – so you can watch on Google+ or right here on this very page!

Right click to download

If all goes as planned we should start streaming @ 10pm on the dot, but given that one-third of us has never done this, er, we might need a little leeway getting things set up. BUT WE PLAN TO BE ON TIME. We’ll let you know in the chat if we’re running behind.

Also bear in mind that there is a delay on the stream, so our comments on your comments will probably have about a minute’s lag on them. But we’re reading, we promise!

Discussion goes live tonight, August 6th at 10pm EST

Looking forward to chatting with you guys!

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