Black Ice Read-Along: Week 4 Discussion

THIS IS IT. After four long weeks of misery and pain, it all ends tonight. It’s the Black Ice Read-Along finale! Join us tonight at 11PM EST, where we’ll discuss the ~~~EPIC FINALE~~~!

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See you tonight~!


  • Maverynthia

    April 29, 2015

    Such feminism, much empowerment, wow.
    So what was that about this book being better than Hush, Hush :D?

    So glad I got to vote on the torture >:3

    But really, this books sounds terrible.
    I wanted the ending with the bears.

  • Noel

    April 29, 2015

    I’ve been loving the podcast, and I really enjoyed your commentary on the book. (Also, I’m really looking forward to listening to the LGBT+ in YA podcast, which I haven’t gotten to yet–I love your topic-oriented episodes.)

    On the question of how long before we guessed it was Calvin? I’ve also got some writing background, but yeah: I was basically certain by the time you finished reading the blurb in the “what should we read” episode. (It was the only interpretation I saw that made that blurb make sense–which is a pretty remarkable failure of both blurbing and plotting. I seem to recall the blurb you read at the beginning of the read-along seemed a little less obvious, so maybe someone noticed and fixed it.)

    There’s no way this book is orchestrated savvily enough that this is somehow intentional.


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