Episode 23 – The Maze Runner

Hey guys! Told you we’d be back. And here we are, with yet another movie review – hey, we have a lot to catch up on, okay?!? – this time the bro-tastic Maze Runner, which I’m sure you’ve heard is way better than all those other girly YA adaptations that have like romance and shit.

Also included: shouting about SCIENCE, a pitch for John Green’s next novel, book-to-movie comparisons based on two-week old memories of Wikipedia plot summaries, and don’t forget to stick around after the credits to learn about the shocking Resident EvilMaze Runner connection!

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So what did you guys think of The Maze Runner? Did you read it? Anyone care to explain just what the fuck was going on?

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Theme music is Overnight, by Aya.

WARNING: NSFW! Mature audiences only! Contains salty language, subversive ideas, industry-challenging discussions, and nuts.

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