Interlude: Judge a Book By Its Cover

BEHOLD! You thought us passed on into the realm of Internet Deadlinks! YE OF LITTLE FAITH!

We return, mightier than before! With snarky comments on book blurbs, with Ollie’s friends Jack and Smoo. Allow your delicate ears to bask in the glory of book blurbs both wond’rous and weird, intriguing and infuriating, as they JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!

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This one was recorded a while back, but finally Ollie sat down and wrote up an introduction post. Hopefully all the Papercuts gals will all be back in full-swing in the coming months… with more bitching and snarking! Have a topic you want us to rip to shreds? Leave a comment and Jordy, Robin, and Ollie will see what vitriol that can brew up.

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