Episode 12 – Trailer Talk Round 2

Trailer Talk 2 image Welp, August 21st marked the end of the inaugural round of our very first Papercuts experiment, Trailer Talk. It’s been funny and painful and sometimes both simultaneously, but fuck it, obviously we’re in to that kind of thing, and it’s raining YA book-to-movie adaptations, why not give it another go?

So here we are with Trailer Talk round two, taking a look at the latest book-to-movie trailers that were out when we recorded this! Obviously we’ll have another round with Divergent, The Book Thief, and hopefully a few others, but for now, we’ve got words for How I Live Now, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters.


Hilariously perfect spoiler slip for How I Live Now at 11:48. You can skip to 11:52 to avoid it, but I wouldn’t. ;D

So what did you guys think of the trailers? Excited? Disappointed? Oddly aroused? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Theme music is Overnight, by Aya.

WARNING: NSFW! Mature audiences only! Contains salty language, subversive ideas, industry-challenging discussions, and nuts.


  • Shiori

    August 25, 2013


    Another great episode, guys. Just A++ all ’round.

  • Eibhlin

    August 25, 2013

    It’s okay, Robin! You can come to Ireland! We like you here! 🙂
    Another great episode of papercuts, thank you so much. I agree 100% with 100% of your comments – I’m excited about Hunger Games, intrigued by How I Live Now, and my reaction to Vampire Academy was kind of… is this a parody? Is this serious? It just seemed narmy and over-the-top and, as ye said, up to 11.
    Oh! My sister and I went to see City of Bones on Friday. I don’t know how I can say this, but it was… better than I thought it would be. Maybe that’s because I hatehatehate the books and anything/everything is an improvement over those, but the movie managed to erase a lot of the problems I had with the novel, e.g. pacing problems, Clary jumping wildly through portals, the random side quest of rescuing Simon, Jace’s… general assholeishness. It’s probably still an awful movie, but all I can see when I watch it is everything they improved.
    Plus – yay, more Irish actors! Robert Sheehan, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Aidan Turner in TMI, Saoirse Ronan in, well, everything… watch out, we’re invading.


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