Episode 68 – Judge a Book by Its Cover August 2017

August JABBIC is upon us, and what do you know, it’s bringing something for each of us. And…maybe…something for ALL of us???

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  • Maverynthia

    August 2, 2017

    Blight: I noped out at the part of people stealing genetic food. I’m hoping they put the emphasis in the book on how bad the genetic food industry is in their whole patents and copyrights and stuff and throwing people in jail because their seeds just happened to hop into someones yard. Rather than the “OMG there might be zombies!” it sounds like.

    When I’m Through With You: I noped out at the part where we have a dead woman who was killed by a dude. Just not around for that.

    • Olivia


      August 4, 2017

      Yeah, it’s probably zombies. >.< That's totally fair. I LOVE that author's work, but the last two books I read by her were from male POVs. I don't think she's yet to write from a woman's perspective. This is something I should think about if I get my hands on WITWY.

    • Alexandra Duncan

      August 6, 2017

      Hey, guys! Love the podcast. Re BLIGHT: It’s not zombies. You’re on the right track with your first thought. But it IS bleak, so if that’s not your thing, that’s totally cool! 🙂

  • Khitty Hawk

    August 3, 2017

    THE RATTLED BONES: the plant looks like some sort of duckweed, for those who’re still wondering


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