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Episode 46 – Judge a Book by Its Cover August 2016

The August batch of new release YA books are in, and the book gods have chosen to be kind! We have a higher-than-average level of Good and Pretty Shit on this installment of Judge a […]

Episode 45 – Book Review: On the Edge of Gone by Corinne Duyvis

On this double-sized episode of Papercuts Podcast, Robin instigates a discussion of that rad sci-fi novel that we all totally dug back in March’s JABBIC, the excellent On the Edge of Gone. We have feels. […]

Episode 44 – Judge a Book by Its Cover July 2016

It’s time to judge some more books by their covers, woo! In this installment, every single goddamn cover lies to us, Ollie might have a good book to give away, finally, and Robin is maybe […]

Jul, 20

Episode 43 – At The End of Our Trope: The Exceptional Woman

For the first time in nearly three years, Robin, Ollie, and I find ourselves At the End of Our Trope! What is the Exceptional Woman? Why is she so goddamned exasperating? Find out in this […]

Jul, 06

Episode 42 – Judge a Book by Its Cover – June 2016

Another batch of YA new release covers to talk about! We got a little fantasy, a little mystery, a little thriller, and a whole lotta what the fuck is this thing I’m looking at? Plus, […]

Jun, 15

Episode 41 – Mockingjay Part 2

Holy shit you guys, we’ve finally made it to the end of the Hunger Games franchise! But is Mockingjay Part 2 any better than Part 1? We’ll give you a hint: it has 300% more […]

Jun, 01

Episode 40 – Judge a Book by Its Cover – May 2016

Guys!!! Robin’s back, all settled in a fancy new city with her elaborately vindictive jerk cats. Oh, and also just in time to help us judge out next batch of new-release covers! And boy, do […]

May, 18